Annual Reports, Strategic Plan, 990’s

Please take time to read , summarizing and highlighting Westwind’s achievements and activities throughout the past year!

2019-2020 Westwind Annual Report

2018 Westwind Annual Report

2017 Westwind Annual Report

2016 Westwind Annual Report

2015 Westwind Annual Report

2014 Westwind Annual Report

Westwind completed a year-long strategic planning process with its board and year-round staff. The plan is a summary of critical projects and changes to occur between 2018-2020 and that will ensure Westwind fulfills its mission. Check out the most recent Strategic Plan to see what lies ahead for Westwind.

2018-2020 Strategic Plan

2015-2017 Strategic Plan

Westwind’s 990 reports, 2008-2019

Westwind 990-2008
Westwind 990-2009
Westwind 990-2010
Westwind 990-2011
Westwind 990-2012
Westwind 990-2013


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