Our Mission


Westwind will always welcome people to these wild shores and green hills to discover that caring for the land is caring for ourselves and our communities.


The Westwind Stewardship Group inspires people to be stewards of the environment and their communities by conserving Westwind’s diverse ecosystems in perpetuity and fostering life-changing experiences for children, families, individuals, and groups.

Two campers enjoying a beautiful sunset over the water

Equity Statement

Westwind’s future success relies on being a leader in getting all children outside, connected to nature and nurtured by the wisdom of many cultures, backgrounds, places and generations.

Kids gathered and smiling

Land Acknowledgment

We are gathered on Tillamook and Siletz land, represented today by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians. With gratitude, we pay our respects to the land, and the Indigenous peoples who have stewarded it for generations, and continue to hold a sacred relationship to this day. With honor, we recognize the opportunity for the collective of Camp Westwind to learn, study, and hold community on this land. We respectfully acknowledge the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Tillamook and Siletz people, and honor all past, present, and future Indigenous Westwind community



We explore our world with curiosity and wonder, stepping outside our comfort zone to learn more about ourselves and each other. We unplug, we lean into new experiences, we ask questions, and we allow ourselves time to reflect and introspect.


We recognize that people are at their best when they are active participants in their communities. We take initiative, we work together to solve problems, we share influence and responsibility equitably, and we lead by example.


We cultivate a community where each person can comfortable and joyfully be their whole self, especially those who have been historically excluded. We are thoughtful about our traditions, we welcome diverse contributions, and we treat one another and ourselves with kindness and respect.


We support communities and people in building the internal and external resources to respond flexibly to challenges and setbacks. We courageously embrace change, we adapt, and we learn from adversity and use it to fuel our growth.


We believe that the interdependence of natural systems holds lessons for how we understand ourselves and our communities. We rely on one another, we support one another, and we teach and learn from our history, ecosystems, communities, and built environment.


We take our responsibility for the environment and our communities, and commit to sustaining them for future generations. We conserve human and natural resources, we consider our impacts, and we work to mitigate the effects of climate change.