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2024 Youth Camp Handbook

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2024 Family Camp Handbook

About Westwind

Westwind is a 529-acre independent non-profit camp, learning space, and wilderness area set in the middle of the 10,000+ acre Cascade Head UN Biosphere Reserve in Oregon. In addition to operating its traditional summer “Camp Westwind,” Westwind hosts Outdoor School in the spring and fall, rentals on available weekends, and various workshops, events and volunteer programs throughout the year.

Westwind will always welcome people to these wild shores and green hills to discover that caring for the land is caring for ourselves and our communities.

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Group of campers smiling on the beach

Your help means everything

By donating to Westwind, you can support our mission to conserve the Westwind site in perpetuity; foster life-changing outdoor experiences for all children, families, individuals and groups; and inspire people to be stewards of the environment.
It is thanks to you, our supporters, that Westwind can invest over $1,000,000 each year in preserving the Westwind site and offering life-changing programs that serve children, families, and community members.
Westwind experiences inspire life-long learning, artistic expression, leadership in youth, and a passion for the environment and the natural world that can be applied to their own community.

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"Confident, laughing, through the world you know; A world of water where you feel at home"

Uncle Bliss, 1953