A Typical Day at Camp Westwind

Each day at Westwind provides variety and choice. Each camper will spend time with their unit at our major program areas (Waterfront, Arts & Crafts, Challenge Course, and Archery and Games at our Tillicum Barn). There will also be times for cabin groups to choose activities as a team. Some examples include a hike, outdoor cooking, fort building, or canoe excursion, but the possibilities are truly endless! Every camper will go on an Overnight while at Westwind. On the Overnight, units spend a night under the stars, cooking on a campfire, playing games, and taking in the beauty of Westwind. These experiences allow campers to gain camping skills as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the Westwind property.

Kids playing during camp activities

An example of a typical day at Westwind.

Activities will differ day to day, but the basic structure of the day typically remains the same.

8:00 am Time to wake up! Get dressed, make beds, tidy up the cabin
8:45 am Flag (Start of day ceremony to raise one of our many flags and start the day as a whole community)
9:00 am Breakfast
9:45 am PFD; Prepare For Day (Change into appropriate clothing, brush teeth, etc.)
10:15 am Interest Groups (Camper choice; 10-20 campers in a unique camp activity led by staff)
12:15pm Meet up with cabin group at Wilson Lodge steps, prepare for lunch, sing songs
12:30pm Lunch
1:00 pm Flat on Back (Rest hour with cabin group. A great time for recharging and cabin bonding)
2:00 pm Activity Block (Challenge Course/ Waterfront/ Archery/ Arts and Crafts/ Camp Store/ Nature Activity, etc.)
3:45 pm All Camp! (A new set of activities every week for the whole camp!)
5:30 pm Back with cabin groups and prepare for dinner
5:45 pm Evening Flag (End of day ceremony to lower flags and reflect on the day)
6:00 pm Dinner
6:45 pm Kapers (Camper chores with unit groups)
7:30 pm Evening Activity
8:30 pm Campfire (sing songs, tell stories, perform skits)
9:45 pm Prepare for bedtime
10:00 pm In cabins and settling in for the night
10:30 pm Lights out!

*Times and activities may differ depending on age groups.