Westwind, exploration and pure joy

Campers, staff and alumni have been asked to share how Westwind has brought them joy and encouraged them to share that joy in the world.  The following is from Keiler “Pippin” Beers:


Keiler “Pippin” finds joy in the outdoors

Westwind forever changed the trajectory of my life. For more than three summers, I was able to wake up every day in a community that modeled what I want for the world: unburdened individuality, exploration and pure joy. I now work in refugee legal services, and I’m often reminded of Westwind when I hear the reasons that these families travel across the world and risk their lives for their children’s future: a place where their kids can feel free and joyful. My dream is that the whole world could feel a little more like Westwind, fairy-wings and all.”

Dreaming of a world that is more like Westwind

There are many words that come to mind when we think of Westwind; home, safety, beauty, nature, fun, adventure and many more. What is it that draws you to experience Westwind?

Share the Westwind joy!

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Keiler “Pippin” Beers

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