Originally founded in 1936 by the YWCA of Greater Portland, Westwind has welcomed over 100,000 campers, students, families and others to its incomparable site, and continues to welcome over 6,000 people a year for camp, outdoor school and other transformative overnight experiences, as well as 600+ others for day programs and visits.

Since acquiring the whole Westwind site in 2006 from the YWCA, the Westwind Stewardship Group has worked to restore natural functions within the landscape and improve the site’s infrastructure, all with an emphasis on sustainability. With acquisition of the Camp Westwind program in 2013, combined with Westwind’s ongoing programs in stewardship and group rentals, Westwind directly oversees on-site programming for thousands of campers, students and groups, and is now just called “Westwind.”

Westwind is governed by a volunteer board of directors and is managed by around a dozen year-round staff and over 50 seasonal and on-call staff. Westwind also enjoys the contribution of time and resources by hundreds of donors and volunteers.

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