2024 Registration FAQ

Registration for summer 2024 is closed

Westwind is committed to making our registration system less stressful, more dependable, and more equitable. For these reasons, we will pilot a lottery-based registration system for Youth Camp and Teen Programs for summer 2024. 

This change means no more mad dash to secure a spot, easier access for families to register siblings together, and more freedom to register on your schedule. We hope this system will provide a less stressful and more accessible registration process.

Below, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to register and a list of FAQs.

Friends and Family Camp, Mother Child Camp, Teen Apprentice, and Teen Lead 2 do not use the lottery. Friends and Family Camp and Mother Child Camp registration opens December 1st, 2023. See our Teen Camps page for more information about applying for Teen Apprentice and Teen Lead 2. 

December 2023 - Lottery Registration

  1. Beginning December 1st, you can register all children in your household for the Summer 2024 Registration Lottery by filling out a 2024 Lottery Registration Form for each child. 
  2. You may also access the Registration Form through your UltraCamp account. (Find your UltraCamp account by clicking the My Camp Account button in the top right corner of our website. Once in UltraCamp, click on the left-hand toolbar, select “Document Center,” and then select 2024 Lottery Registration).
  3. Select the name of the child you are registering for the lottery. You must complete a separate form for each child in your household you wish to register for the lottery. If one of your children is selected to attend a session, then all children in your household will be selected to attend. Children registered under the same UltraCamp account will be placed in the same session unless otherwise specified. 
  4. Complete the form and select the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to indicate that the form is completed. 
  5. Complete steps 3 & 4 for any other children in your household you wish to register.
  6. December 31st, the 2024 Lottery Registration Form will close.

January 2024 - Camp Registration

  1. January 16th, we will begin notifying families if they have been selected to register for a spot in summer 2024. 
  2. If you are selected to register, you will have one week to complete your reservation. Then you'll be ready for Summer Camp!
  3. If you have not been selected to register, you will be notified about your placement on our waitlist.
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Based on feedback from the Westwind community, we recognize that our current registration system is overly stressful and creates barriers to access. We are committed to reducing the barriers to accessing camp and outdoor experiences. We hope these changes will allow families to register on a schedule that works better for them and allow campers to attend with siblings and a friend.

We recognize the value of attending camp with a friend, and so our new system now provides an option to request a friend. Using the friend request form will mean that if one camper is selected, then both campers will be selected to register. Both your camper and the friend camper must request one another on the 2024 Lottery Registration Form with the name that appears on both children’s UltraCamp accounts. Failing to do so will nullify the request. 

If your camper is selected to register and they have additional friends in the session that they would like to be in a cabin with, you can indicate this on the Cabinmate Request Form. This form is only available once your camper has been selected to register. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but we cannot guarantee cabin placement.

Please note we cannot put two campers together that are more than one grade apart (e.g., we will not put a 5th grader in a cabin with a 7th grader). If you have any questions or feel you have a special reason that we should make an exception, please email

If you are not selected for the lottery, you will automatically be placed on the waitlist and notified. Placement on the waitlist is determined by the lottery drawing. Once we have notified families in the initial draw, we will begin filling additional spots from the waitlist as availability allows. We will contact you with more details if a spot becomes available.

As long as one child is selected to register for a session, you may register all of your children at the same time. If selected to register, all children registered under the same UltraCamp account will be placed in the same session. If you do not want your children to attend the same session, please indicate this on the 2024 Lottery Registration Form.

Once you have registered for a session, you cannot hold a waitlist spot for another session. If you are selected for your second or third choice session, and would prefer to stay on the waitlist for your first choice session, you will need to waive your registration opportunity to stay on the waitlist.

At the bottom of the registration form, there will be a button to select that you have completed the form. Once that is selected and you have hit “Save,” you will receive a confirmation email that you have completed your lottery registration form. If you do not save the completed form, your registration will not be valid. You will receive a separate confirmation email for each form you complete.

The lottery system is being used for all Youth Camps (K-8), including Mini camp, and for Teen Adventure 1, Teen Adventure 2, Teen Lead 1, and Teen Trekkers. Due to the nature of the programs, Friends and Family Camp, Mother Child Camp, Teen Apprentice, and Teen Lead 2 will not use the lottery system. Registration for Summer Friends and Family Camp and Mother Child Camp opens on December 1st. Find more information about applications for Teen Apprentice and Teen Lead 2 on our Teen Camps page.

We understand that the expense of summer camp may be out of reach for some families. To help ease potential financial burdens, Camp Westwind provides confidential assistance (or “Camperships”) to campers seeking help affording our camp programs. Requesting financial assistance will not affect your odds of being selected in the lottery. The change to a lottery-based system does not change Camp Westwind’s commitment to providing financial support for camp. 

Our Teen Lead 2 and Teen Apprentice programs do not use the lottery. Both programs require an application and interview. Applications for both programs will open on December 15th.

If you are applying to Teen Lead 2, you may want to fill out the Lottery Registration form for other Teen Programs. If you are not accepted into the Teen 2 program, this will allow you the chance to attend a different Teen Program. The Lottery Registration Form is non-binding, and there will be no penalty if you are selected for a Teen Program and then are later accepted into the Teen Lead 2. 

To learn more, visit our Teen Camp page.

If you have a question not answered on this page or are having trouble with the registration process, please email (Email is much faster than a phone call.)