Spring Family Camp Recap

Last weekend was our second annual Spring Family Camp. Like our Fall Family Camp programs, Spring Family Camp welcomed many families to explore the shores of Westwind. During the weekend, we celebrated the start of spring and built community during meals, campfire, and morning coffee chats on the slab. The flowers bloomed, and the weather put on a full display of all its might. We were treated to sudden rain storms, beautiful sunsets, and fresh coastal air.

The weekend included a wide variety of activities, including archery, basket weaving, and many hikes. Guests explored our new Raindrop-to-Sea trail, which provides a unique vantage point of Lost Lake and a gentler grade on the journey to High Meadow. In the evenings, we were treated to singing, dancing, and group yoga during Campfire and the Talent Show.

We were excited to welcome families from People of Color Outdoors (POCO). POCO is one of our incredible partner organizations that works to create safe spaces for BIPOC folks to explore the outdoors. They focus on holding guided hikes and outdoor learning opportunities while fostering community in nature. We are thrilled that POCO will join us at our April Earth Day Event.

Learn more about People of Color Outdoors (POCO)

On Saturday, the Westwind fairies woke from their winter slumber. But, the bright sun left them confused and wondering how to get home. We set out on a fairy hunt. They turned up all across camp, spreading their magic and helping the forest shake off the winter’s chill. Thanks to our family campers’ help, we helped the Westswind fairies find their homes.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Spring Family Camp. It was an incredible weekend. We hope to see you all at Westwind again soon.