Environmental Education

Westwind believes strongly in the value of education as a tool to conserve the environment. Allowing children and families to experience nature and learn from real-life experiences inspires people to be stewards of the environment and their communities. Environmental education promotes an understanding of the interdependence of the natural world and fosters a desire for…

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Water Conservation

Beautiful view of river at camp westwind

We are no strangers to water at Westwind. From the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the currents of the Salmon River to the rain that falls on our heads and the groundwater that runs beneath our feet, water is all around us. That is why it is so vital that we protect our waterways…

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Cascade Head Scenic Research Area

History In 1974, President Gerald R. Ford established the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area (CHSRA). This act created the first Scenic Research Area in the United States to protect unique habitats and promote sustainable access to the land. “to provide present and future generations with the use and enjoyment of certain ocean headlands, rivers, streams,…

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Westwind Donation Drive

group of young campers dancing in the woods

Help Support the Westwind Donation Drive With warmer weather on the horizon and the tulips blooming, many of us are sorting through our closets, basements, and storage sheds and looking to clear some space. As you shake off the winter clutter, consider donating used clothing, outdoor supplies, and games to support Westwind programming. During our…

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Reducing Waste at Westwind

Four paper wrapped bamboo tooth brushes, one unwrapped

Multi-Stream Compost Food waste is a main source of waste at Westwind. However, it is also one of the easiest kinds of waste to keep out of the landfill. We utilize a multi-stream compost system to promote sustainability, produce usable materials, and keep food scraps from entering the landfill. Fresh scraps from the kitchen are…

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Conserving Energy At Westwind

Aerial view of beach and stunning Oregon coastline

Many of the appliances, systems, and vehicles we use at Westwind require energy to operate. While there is no doubt that these resources are needed to operate Westwind, wherever possible, we work to minimize the energy we consume. Where we can’t reduce our energy usage, we look for solutions to replace our energy usage with…

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Celebrate Earth Day at Westwind

Join us April 20th to Celebrate Earth Day We are excited to welcome you to Westwind’s scenic beach and green forests on April 20, 2024, from 10 am to 3 pm. Come spend the day walking along the Salmon River, learning from a selection of coastal conservation organizations, and celebrating Earth Day. Food and snacks…

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Spring Family Camp Recap

Last weekend was our second annual Spring Family Camp. Like our Fall Family Camp programs, Spring Family Camp welcomed many families to explore the shores of Westwind. During the weekend, we celebrated the start of spring and built community during meals, campfire, and morning coffee chats on the slab. The flowers bloomed, and the weather…

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Westwind Prepares for the Spring

During the winter months, Westwind has been hard at work preparing for another year of visitors. Our site team has been making repairs to our facilities. Although maintaining camp is a never-ending process, it is important to celebrate the projects we have completed lately. Scroll through this post and read about the newly remodeled Hidel,…

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Kitchen Training and “Chopped” Extravaganza

Three people gather around table in kitchen, middle person is grating cheese.

As Westwind shakes off its winter slumber, our team is working hard to prepare for another busy year of programs, rentals, and guests. Recently, the Westwind kitchen team met for a day of training and culinary celebration. In the second annual edition of Westwind Chopped, our kitchen team worked together to prepare an appetizer, a…

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