Westwind Prepares for the Spring

During the winter months, Westwind has been hard at work preparing for another year of visitors. Our site team has been making repairs to our facilities. Although maintaining camp is a never-ending process, it is important to celebrate the projects we have completed lately. Scroll through this post and read about the newly remodeled Hidel, the refurbished benches on the slab, and our new Compost Corral. Pictures included!


With the help of students from Sabin-Schellenberg Center (SSC), we have finished the remodel of Hidel. The unique design of Hidel paved the way for an innovative new design. The blueprint was conceptualized and designed by students in the advanced carpentry class, and SSC carpentry students built the new bunks at their shop in Milwaukee. The built pieces were transported to Westwind. During several weekends, including Spring Stewardship Weekend, SSC students finished the floors, assembled the bunks, and prepared Hidel for the next generation of campers. The unique designs include shelves for campers to store their belongings, ladders for easy access to the top bunks, and a circular design to promote community. 

Our partnership with SCC provides real-world experience to trade students so that they are better prepared to enter the job market. When asked about the value of our partnership with SCC, trip leader and teacher Angie said students “…formed a real sense of community at Westwind that the classroom doesn’t provide time for.” Thanks to the hard work of all the SSC students who participated in this project, we will have another cabin fully remodeled for the start of the Outdoor School season. Westwind is close to completing our cabin remodels with only the Sherwood Cabins remaining. These remodels will improve energy efficiency, access, and comfort to our camper lodging.   


This winter, our Site Manager, Brian, has been hard at work replacing the benches on the slab. The original benches were installed when the slab was first installed in 2017, and the years of rain, sun, and salty air finally caught up to them. Due to the harsh conditions that our benches face, juniper slabs were selected for the new benches. Juniper is a rot-resistant hardwood that holds up well in coastal conditions. 

The new slabs were cut to size and sanded for a smooth finish. From there, a finish was applied to help them withstand the coast elements. In late February, the old benches were replaced with the new slabs. Next time you’re at Westwind, remember to take a seat on the new benches and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Ocean. 

Compost Corral

During Stewardship Weekend, volunteers helped build our new compost corral. This shelving system will help streamline our compost system by creating separate spaces for empty and full buckets, as well as additional storage The Compost Corral will allow us to move buckets from their current location and free up more space at the back of Wilson Lodge. Additionally, the corral comes complete with a set of locking doors that will keep wildlife out and keep their paws from accidentally getting into anything that could harm them. 

The Compost Corral is an important reminder of the unique habitat Westwind is situated in and the importance of waste reduction. It is our goal to limit the human footprint on the land around us and preserve Westwind’s unique ecosystems for generations to come. Learn more about Westwind’s conservation efforts. https://westwind.org/westwind-conservation/