Winter Storm Update

Starting Tuesday, January 9th, storm conditions descended on Westwind. The waves whipped up, approaching the edges of the dune grass at high tide and bringing to shore all manner of treasure and trash. High winds caused several trees to come tumbling down. A few downed trees near Beaver Pond knocked down power lines and left Westwind powerless. As hail rained down, the Salmon River swelled, bringing the brim close to the Cascade Head Interpretive Wayside parking lot.

The initial gale was merely a warning for what was set to come. On January 13th, as snow blanketed much of the Willamette Valley, temperatures on the coast dropped into the high 20s, freezing camp and knocking out power once more. In the early afternoon, our site team cleared the road into Main Camp to check pipes, feed the goats, and assess for any damages.

In Main Camp, our site team discovered icey paths, icicle-covered railings, and frozen water pipes. They fed the Daisy and Dobby and packed their stall with fresh hay to keep them warm.

On Sunday, our site team discovered that a large fallen tree had ripped a hole in our road, leaving behind an impressive crater. Power returned Monday morning, allowing our site team to warm their frosty toes. But, with Westwind still covered in a thick sheet of ice, there was not much to do but wait for the thaw and hope the ghost of Uncle Bliss was keeping a watchful eye.

With rising temperatures, our site team is working hard to assess damages and make repairs. Stay tuned for our next update, and stay warm!