Iris Meadow and Fraser Farm Restoration

Westwind has begun an ambitious conservation effort to protect and restore its coastal prairie habitat.

Coastal prairies are one of the rarest habitats in Oregon, with only 1% of historical prairies still intact. It serves as an important habitat for the endangered Oregon Silverspot Butterfly (OSB).

Rare as they may be, a prime example is present at Westwind! Iris Meadow is a 4-acre area located at Westwind’s southwestern border. This pristine prairie is being encroached upon by woody shrubs and non-native plants. Though none have been observed, it has all the plants that OSB larvae need to survive.

Another possible example of a coastal prairie sits at Westwind’s eastern end. The former horse pasture at Fraser Farm was likely coastal prairie before its development as a dairy farm by the Fraser family in the early 1900s. Covered in non-native grasses, the pasture has been fallow since Westwind ended its equestrian program in 2010.

In 2019, the Westwind Stewardship Group received funding from the Oregon Watershed Environment Board to study the restoration and conservation of these two areas. The Institute for Applied Ecology produced a Management Plan that recommended work be begun to close and conserve Iris Meadow and use the Meadow seed stock to restore coastal prairie habitat at Fraser Farm.

Thanks to the Siuslaw Stewardship Group funding, WSG will begin work on these projects in 2024! The project will take many years and will become an area for Conservation Stewardship by Westwind campers and others.


  1. Augment and enhance Iris meadow to protect rare bristly stemmed checkermallow and create habitat for OSB.
  2. Restore seven acres at Fraser Farm to native-dominated prairie suitable OSB.
  3. Procure plant materials for revegetation efforts.
Oregon Silverspot Butterfly // Peter Pearsall/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Coastal prairies are one of the rarest habitats in Oregon

OSB are on the verge of extinction

Preserve and enhance a high-quality meadow (Iris Meadow), increase abundance of prairie habitat (Fraser Farm)

Establish suitable habitat for OSB

Westwind Conservation Plan (2019) identifies treating invasive species at Iris Meadow and Fraser Farm a priority

Iris Meadow and Fraser Farm habitat assessment and management plan competed in 2021.

If you would like to support Westwind’s conservation efforts, consider a donation. If you’d like to learn more about WSG’s conservation work please visit our Conservation page.