Introducing the Westwind Values

In collaboration with the Westwind staff, board, and community, we have identified six values to guide the future of Westwind.

These values are core tenets that define Westwind and will center how we work to sustain and create the Westwind of today and tomorrow. 

We invite you to scroll through the Westwind Values and reflect on how they speak to your experience strolling our sandy shores, traversing our wild forests, and connecting with the Westwind communities of past, present, and future.



We explore our world with curiosity and wonder, stepping outside our comfort zone to learn more about ourselves and each other. We unplug, we lean into new experiences, we ask questions, and we allow ourselves time to reflect and introspect.


We recognize that people are at their best when they are active participants in their communities. We take initiative, we work together to solve problems, we share influence and responsibility equitably, and we lead by example.


We cultivate a community where each person can comfortable and joyfully be their whole self, especially those who have been historically excluded. We are thoughtful about our traditions, we welcome diverse contributions, and we treat one another and ourselves with kindness and respect.


We support communities and people in building the internal and external resources to respond flexibly to challenges and setbacks. We courageously embrace change, we adapt, and we learn from adversity and use it to fuel our growth.


We believe that the interdependence of natural systems holds lessons for how we understand ourselves and our communities. We rely on one another, we support one another, and we teach and learn from our history, ecosystems, communities, and built environment.


We take our responsibility for the environment and our communities, and commit to sustaining them for future generations. We conserve human and natural resources, we consider our impacts, and we work to mitigate the effects of climate change.