Westwind Receives Grant For Inclusive Bathroom Project

Westwind Stewardship Group Receives $1,055,540 Grant from Oregon State University Extension Service Outdoor School Program

We are thrilled to announce that we have received a generous grant totaling $1,055,540 from the Oregon State University Extension Service Outdoor School Program (OSUE ODS) for crucial upgrades to improve access and inclusivity for the Westwind bathhouse (Cascade Head) and outhouses throughout the site.

Westwind seeks to build a community of belonging as we explore our relationship with the natural world,” says Executive Director Andy Lindberg. “We are building a positive connection with the outdoors which requires indoor spaces that allow people to participate comfortably and with dignity. With this generous gift, more people can comfortably access Westwind facilities and enjoy this remarkable place.”

Image represents initial renderings and is not the final design.

This significant funding follows a previous grant from OSUE ODS that allowed Westwind to update the bathrooms under Wilson Lodge, further enhancing the comfort and functionality of Westwind’s facilities; these upgrades are scheduled to be completed in August 2024. Each of these improvements is essential for providing a better experience for guests, especially children who participate in Westwind’s summer program and Outdoor School students.

Westwind will continue its partnership with Urban Patterns Architects and Cellar Ridge Construction to complete this project. Portland-based Urban Patterns’ collaborative approach helps organizations and businesses build more equitable, sustainable, and results-driven projects. Cellar Ridge Construction, located in McMinnville, is a leader in green building in Oregon, bringing industry-leading sustainable practices to commercial spaces. Both firms bring extensive experience and a commitment to sustainability, aligning seamlessly with Westwind’s values.

Image represents initial renderings and is not the final design.

Lindberg says, “Many people with disabilities and in the transgender community plan their days around using the restroom, often having to research facilities they will be able to use. What they’re looking for is universal—privacy, proximity, and cleanliness.”

The planned improvements to the bathhouse and outhouses will significantly enhance the overall experience for all visitors, supporting Westwind’s goal of fostering a deeper connection to nature through outdoor education. These updates will provide modern, eco-friendly amenities that reflect Westwind’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Westwind will hold “listening sessions” in the fall and seek community feedback to help guide the improvements to Cascade Head and the outhouses. If you are interested in participating, please join our mailing list to receive more information.