The Current: Winter 2020

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Summer Employment Opportunities at Westwind! 

Ever wished you could stay at Westwind for the whole summer? Now is your chance to join Westwind’s 2020 Summer Team. Jobs are available until filled, and we are in need of applicants for Assistant Camp Director and Youth Camp Unit Coordinator positions!

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Spring Stewardship Weekend (March 13-15, 2020)

Registration is now open for Spring Stewardship Weekend! Come stay for the weekend, and help get us get some projects accomplished to improve the site and prepare for the busy season. Registration is free and includes food and lodging for the weekend as a thank you for your service!

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Cabin Improvements Have Begun! 

As an ongoing effort to improve the overnight experience at Westwind, our site team with the help of skilled volunteers have begun to make significant improvements to our cabins. Click to learn more about these exciting renovations and how you can help!

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Ghost Dog Update

We are happy to share that the beautiful pup that was found at Westwind is now doing well. Staff member Taina Meadow has decided to let “Ghost” stay with her family over the past several months while she recovered from near starvation. Read more about Ghost’s journey to recovery and see photos of her now!

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