Thank you Westwind Stewards!

2019 Spring Stewardship Weekend

Weeding and pruning the Westwind Herb Garden

2019 Spring Stewardship Weekend a roaring success!

Thank you to all participants at Westwind’s 2019 Spring Stewardship Weekend. Volunteers spent time working together on important projects throughout the site:

  • added steps to the beach path in front of Wilson Lodge.
  • built wood frames for awnings over cabin doors.
  • fixed steps to Vi’s Place
  • split and stacked firewood at the Farm
  • bucked and stacked pine rounds for the campfire pit.
  • built emergency cache box for new evacuation location
  • moved sectional sofa out of McIver (and old crummy ones out of Whalewatch Room)
  • transferred the emergency cache from a trailer to the Farmhouse basement.
  • moved oodles of spruce trees out of the Native Plant Nursery.
  • cleaned the loading dock and solid waste transfer area
  • moved discarded metal roofing from up the hill to be hauled away
  • inventoried and restocked First Aid supplies
  • prepared and painted walls in McIver
  • weeded and pruned back herb garden
  • moved life-jackets to the Rivershed

Altogether, volunteers contributed over 360 hours to Westwind this weekend – a value that equates to $8,888 of donated labor. 

Congratulations Ericka

Ericka “Seedling” Crane – Trash Raffle Winner!

Plus! – we managed to meet the ‘Trash Raffle Challenge’ by creating only one bag of true and genuine trash for the whole weekend. With generous participation by volunteers and matching support of past and present Westwind Board members, the trash raffle raised $1,248 for camperships!

Click to check out photos from the weekend.

Thanks again for giving Westwind so much love this weekend!


Westwind staff

Working on steps to the beach!


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