We want your input! Take the Cabin Survey.

Let’s talk cabins!

We know that your overnight stay at Westwind can be shaped by your experience sleeping in our historic, rustic cabins. Throughout the years, our cabins are a place for rest, memories, laughter, respite from the rain, and shelter on a windy night.

Our cabins serve all of our guests – from summer camp, outdoor school, rental groups, family camps, and special events and even weddings. Our cabins are certainly one of the most important parts of your experience at Westwind, whatever the occasion might be!

Over the years, the cabins have done us well – but time, weather, and heavy use mean that many are in need of an update. While all of our cabins continue to meet safety and health requirements, we are beginning to plan for much needed investments in the future of the cabins, so that we can continue to meet the needs of our guests and campers.

That is why we need your help! With just five minutes of your time, you can provide valuable and necessary input that will help the Westwind staff and board determine the necessary improvements, considering your needs and preferences during your stay at Westwind.

Thank you in advance for your feedback! We look forward to keeping you updated and involved during this process! If you have any questions about the survey or have any additional comments, please feel free to email us at info@westwind.org. Thank you!



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