SSC Celebration Dinner

Recently, Sabin-Schellenberg Center (SSC) students, teachers, and administrators gathered with Westwind staff and board members to celebrate a historic partnership. Since February 2020, SSC students have been the primary force driving our cabin remodels. As of May 2024, SSC has completely remodeled eight of Westwind’s thirteen cabins. The inaugural SSC Celebration Dinner was a moment to highlight these incredible high schoolers and the work they completed.


During dinner, guests participated in the time-honored camp tradition of icebreakers. Question topics included favorite beach day activities, camp names, and one’s favorite tool. We also played several rounds of trivia, identifying the sound of tools, Westwind animals, and the voices of SSC project leaders.

Dinner was a delicious spread of fresh salad, focaccia, and lasagna. For dessert, we were treated to mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies and brownies. SSC Culinary students prepared all of the amazing food.

In so many ways, this evening highlighted something that we believe deeply at Westwind: when kids and teens are given opportunities to be leaders and learn through hands-on experiences, they can accomplish the most incredible things.


Site Manager Brian, aka Bigfoot, awarded the first ever “Bigfoot Award” to the student who best exemplified the qualities of hard work and leadership. This year’s Bigfoot Award went to Parker. Brian remarked that he has seen Parker grow in many ways while working on the Westwind cabin remodels. They are a leader and role model for the next generation of SSC carpentry students. 

In addition to the Bigfoot Award, all SSC students received small gifts to highlight their unique contributions to the project. Standouts included the lights for recent SSC grads for leading the way in this program, a pocket-sized level for the student who always kept everything level, and the “Wright Write Right Award” given to SSC teacher and project leader Angela Wright for her picture-perfect whiteboard diagramming.


At Westwind, we believe that our future success relies on being a leader in getting all children outside. However, to introduce children and visitors to the outdoors comfortably, they must first be comfortable inside. At the celebration, Westwind’s Executive Director, Andy, remarked that this project’s impetus began with a survey of Westwind staff, visitors, and community members. Participants identified Westwind’s cabins as an area in need of improvement.

So, in 2020, we began working with SSC on the first phase of cabin remodels. The pandemic slowed the initial phase. However, Angela Wright remarked that the first work weekend in February 2020 was so successful that it had enough momentum to carry the project until students could safely return to continue working in 2021. At this point, SCC took on the momentous task of remodeling all four Highlands cabins.

As of spring 2024, SCC has helped Westwind fully remodel eight of our thirteen camper cabins. Including all of Alpine and Highlands, as well as Hidel. The most recently remodeled cabin, Hidel, features the most unique design yet, and it was conceptualized and designed by SSC students. Every year, this project grows in scope and in what it accomplishes. Anyone who has seen the remodeled cabins can speak to their comfort, superior craftsmanship, and beautiful designs.