Raindrop to Sea Trail

At our Earth Day Celebration, we officially opened phase one of the Raindrop to Sea Trail. Leaders from Westwind, Trail Keepers of Oregon (TKO), and Cascade Head Biosphere Collaborative (CHBC) joined Earth Day visitors to celebrate the historic opening of this trail.


The Raindrop to Sea Trail was officially opened after lunch during Westwind’s Celebration. At the commemoration ceremony, leaders from Westwind, TKO, and CHBC spoke about this historic project. They highlighted the unique nature of the trail and what it will mean for future generations of Westwind visitors.

Andy Lindberg, Steve Kruger, and Duncan Berry made the ceremonial footprints to officially open the trail.

After the speeches, guests explored the trail. Docents from the Cascade Head Biosphere Collaborative led an interactive hike to show how campers, students, and guests will use the trail and its informational markers.

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This project has been several years in the making. From the initial dreams to flagging the trail and building the curriculum, we could only have completed this trail with the dedication of many hardworking groups and individuals. We want to thank the Trail Keepers of Oregon and their incredible volunteers for contributing hundreds of hours to build the trail. We also want to thank the Cascade Head Biosphere Collaborative for their expertise and insight throughout the project and for the curriculum they have designed.

At the opening ceremony, Trail Keepers of Oregon Executive Director Steve Kruger expressed gratitude for completing this project with proper care and consideration. It may not have been built quickly, but it was built right. Westwind is thankful that these three organizations share an appreciation for the value of proper planning and consideration when undertaking new initiatives.

Man waves to a crowd


The Raindrop to Sea Trail puts learning into action. It will be a teaching tool for Westwind campers and Outdoor School Students. Along the journey down the watershed, children will learn about the water cycle in a hands-on environment. 

CHBC also partners with Lincoln City area schools to lead guided trips along the Raindrop to Sea trails. On these excursions, students explore eight unique learning circles, make log prints, and practice field research techniques.

Work has also begun on phase two of the Raindrop to Sea Trail, which will extend the path of the existing trail around the edge of the salt marsh and continue to follow the path of a raindrop through the watershed.

flyer for the Raindrop to Sea trail