What Are Your Plans For Earth Day?


Is there something you can do to help your little corner of the Earth tomorrow? Consider creating your own personal goal with #MyPlanetMyPledge!

Westwind is partnering with Earth Day Oregon and nonprofits across the state to raise awareness and support for the important work being done in our community that supports healthy communities, healthy natural landscapes, and promotes sustainability in the many aspects of our lives!

Westwind is committed to conserving Westwind, providing life-changing outdoor experiences for all, and promoting environmental stewardship as a basis for sustainable living.

We achieve this through our outdoor programming like summer camp and outdoor school, opportunities to stay or volunteer at Westwind, and through active conservation work on site like research on our coastal prairie ecosystems like Iris Meadow.

We encourage you to embrace Earth Day tomorrow, and every day!

If you can, please consider a gift in support of Westwind, Earth Day Oregon, and all our non-profit partners’ efforts across the state to appreciate the eath and each other as a community of plants, animals, and people!

All gifts will be generously matched by one of our Earth Day partners, Weitzer Company


Thank you to our partners, who are generously donating to Westwind in honor of Earth Day! 



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