Westwind Journeys – A Peek Into The 1980 Time Capsule!

Yesterday, we rediscovered an official Time Capsule for Westwind from 1980. Unpacking this box, (first opened after 25 years in 2005), revealed many treasures and insights in Westwind’s own journey through the years.

The Time Capsule was created to commemorate the renovation and additions to Wilson Lodge completed in 1980.

Katie Korte (Wrangler) and Alfie (dog) – 1980 photo from time capsule

The contents included:

  • Signed letters from staff and campers

  • Scroll with signatures of all present at the dedication of the time capsule

  • Photos

  • Camper crafts

  • Newspaper articles about the renovation’s use of helicopter-delivered concrete

  • Plaque (made from Betty Hanson’s pictures from 1938)

    Photo of workers at Wilson Lodge – 1980 Time Capsule

  • Piece of the original Wilson Lodge siding (built by Westwind’s first caretaker, William “Uncle Bliss” Clarke)

As we continue our year-end campaign “Westwind Journeys”, for the next two weeks we will share more photos and insights with you in hope that these stories will stir conversations and better connect us all to Westwind’s amazing journey since its founding in 1937.

Please consider supporting Westwind’s journey this holiday season with a year-end gift, and ensure that future campers can continue to revel at the precious history of the past, and continue to dream towards the future.

Donate button.pngP.S. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is Westwind’s non-profit status! Contributions are tax deductible and make all the difference in keeping Westwind’s future possible. Thank you for your generous gift this holiday season.


Photo from 1980 time capsule. Do you recognize anyone in this photo?

Photo board found in time capsule with photos from Betty Macdaniels Hanson in 1938.

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