Westwind Dining Hall Upgrades!

Trillium blossom poised to open.

Happy Spring and check out what’s new at Westwind!

Last winter we were consumed with a BIG project (rebuilding the Wilson Lodge deck). This winter, we decided to just move things around and tackle some small projects, starting with the kitchen galley . . .

Fill up your cup at the new Westwind hot beverage station!

The first step was to get the hot beverage station out of the galley and into the Community Room (next to the Dining Room)! It now has a beautiful live-edge counter top (Sitka Spruce windfall from the site), and functions as an everflowing hot beverage station for tea, coffee and hot cocoa. Drink up!


Grab your plate & silverware from the new Dish cupboard!

The next step was to solve our cupboard challenge. Located at the end of the galley, the old dish cupboard was hidden, dark, and cramped. The new dish cupboard is now at the start of the galley (for smoother buffet lines and closer to the dish pit). It is well lit and has new shelves trimmed with Western Juniper.

Bravo and thank you to the Site team for these great improvements!

There is even room for water pitchers.

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