#UNselfie Stewardship Weekend at Westwind

A Full Camp for Fall Stewardship Weekend 

Over 50 volunteers joined Westwind for the 2017 Fall Stewardship Weekend.

Thank You Westwind Stewards!

It takes an open heart, dedication, and selflessness to be a volunteer. At Westwind, we call volunteers and donors ‘Stewards,’ and are grateful for the many ways that people support this very special place and experience.

And as we steward Westwind, its stewards us with its wildness, fresh air, clean water, and overall natural beauty. Westwind’s pristine setting allows for both a deep sense of solitude and a common place to build community.  Thank you to all of Westwind’s Stewards!

Sparkling Site!

The site now sparkles thanks to a heaping helping of elbow grease, hard work, and a can-do attitude. Volunteers cleaned mattresses; chopped, moved, and stacked firewood; planted native species in the new deck planter; cleaned the farmhouse; organized the camp store; cleaned dishes and set the tables; sorted books and games; built a new live-edge wood mantle for the Community Room in Wilson Lodge (room adjacent to the Dining Hall); and in general deep cleaned much of camp.

Fond Memories, Lasting Conversations

But volunteers didn’t just work: they enjoyed spending time with one another, dined on delicious food from the kitchen, and exchanged fond memories of Westwind. It was humbling to listen to their stories and to witness the impact of Westwind throughout the decades.

#UNSelfie Away!

Staff asked volunteers why they chose to spend their time and energy volunteering at Westwind. During the next 2 weeks, Westwind will share volunteer #UNselfie reasons for giving back to Westwind. Pictured here, 12 year-old twins and a camp mom share their #UNSelfies. We hope you enjoy the #UNselfie gallery as ready yourself for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you are inspired and want to share your #UNselfie with Westwind, we’d love to hear from you!

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