Solar Power Monitor Page is Live at Westwind!

Online solar power monitoring page

Westwind’s solar array generates clean, renewable power while the sun shines, and now we can see it in real-time! Even if it is raining, power is generating, and these panels should do this quietly, with no emissions and little maintenance for 25+ years.

Inverters have brains

The Fronius online solar power monitoring page shows lots of cool data. , It shows current power readings, the energy balance of the day, CO2 savings and the money earned from power generation. It even shows the weather!

Fronius is the brand of inverter used in the Westwind system. An inverter takes the direct current (DC) generated by the photo-voltaic cells (solar panels are made up of these ‘cells’) and ‘inverts’ it into alternating current (AC). AC is the type of current most of us use and which is transmitted over the power lines (to which the Westwind array is connected). The inverter is also the ‘brains’ of the system, recording data and transmitting to live monitoring pages (see examples below). Super cool!

Click here to read more and access Westwind’s solar monitoring page! 





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