Family Camp Hits Its Golden 50th Anniversary

Happy 50th Anniversary Mother-Child Camp

Westwind’s Mother-Child Camp, launched by the YWCA in 1967, turns 50 this year. On Sunday, August 13, 1967, The  Oregonian featured Westwind’s first Mother-Child sessions in its society, clubs, and features section. The Oregonian’s Club Editor, Molly Wohler, lavished nothing but praise for the budding program, “Strange things happen to mothers who attend the Portland YWCA’s Camp Westwind’s Mother-Child sessions. They completely relax. They enjoy their children without the pressures of modern city living. They almost become children again themselves for a brief  four days.” Nancy Atkinson, a 1967 Mother-Child participant, claims it was a “soul-restoring experience.”

Happy 50th anniversary Mother-Child camp, and thank you for bringing  joy to the families who have basked in the goodness of your program.

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