Because of Westwind …

…Father and Son Jim (left) and Chuck (right) Stilson Share Fond Memories

Captured in a moment of companionship, Jim and Chuck Stilson lounge and enjoy the warm spring sunshine during Visitors’ Day.  Jim, who resides in Norway, visits his father who lives in Portland. Along with two close family friends, they return to Westwind to rekindle cherished memories from a time long ago.

Jim and Chuck recall their volunteerism at Westwind during the 1950’s and 1960’s; both were part of the original crew of volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt Wilson Lodge with love in their hearts and sweat on their brows. Their mark lies within the timeworn stones, wood granules and high ceilings that define the original remodel. Expansions, such as the addition of the great fireplace in the dining room, are now central to the camp experience and embedded in the memories of Westwind lovers.

Today, Westwind remembers the thousands of volunteers like Jim and Chuck. Thank you for donating your time and energy to Westwind!



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