Apply Today for Summer Staff 2022!

Applications for Summer Staff 2022 are now open!

Working at Westwind is a rewarding and demanding summer job. You will learn what it means to live and work in a close-knit community who by the end of the summer will likely feel like family.  Chances are, you will be looked to as a role model, a hero, and maybe someday, someone will be applying for a job at Westwind because of the impact you had on their life. If you are willing to work hard, play hard, put others first and experience and appreciate the beautiful outdoors for a whole summer, Camp Westwind might be the right place for you.

Head over to our 2022 Summer Employment Page to learn more! Be sure to read job descriptions carefully and reach out if you have any questions!

There is no deadline for applications – they will be open until our summer positions are filled! We will begin the interview process in January.