Who is a Friend of Westwind?

Over Westwind’s nearly 90 years as an organized camp, people have experienced the site in a variety of ways. But everyone has one thing in common: a Westwind experience can change your life!

How did you make your way to Westwind (other than across the Salmon River)?

Were you a member of one of our many rental groups? Some Westwind rentals have been coming yearly for over 50 years!

Did you come with an Outdoor School program? While MESD ODS is the current resident ODS, North Clackamas School District, OMSI, and NW Regional ESD have also sent ODS students to Westwind through the years.

Are you one of the lucky few who have gotten married at Westwind? Were you a guest at a Westwind wedding or other celebration?

Were you a camper or staff member with the Portland YWCA Summer Camp? Or a WSG Summer Camper?

Though we have all experienced the site differently, we can all help steward Westwind. We are all Friends of Westwind.