Summer 2024 Registration Information

2024 Camp Registration Brings Some Changes

Westwind’s future success relies on being a leader in getting all children outside and connected to nature. The pandemic has demonstrated that getting kids outside is more important than ever.

We also know that registering for Westwind’s Youth Camps has become a stressful process for families. Factors like internet speed and access, as well as parent schedules might prevent families from getting a child registered. Families may have successfully registered one child but not a sibling or been unable to attend the same session as a best friend. 

We are committed to making our registration system less stressful, more dependable, and more equitable. For these reasons, we will pilot a lottery-based registration system for Youth Camp and Teen programs for summer 2024. 

(Friends and Family Camp and Mother Child Camp will not use a lottery. Please see our FAQs page for more information).

The 2024 Lottery Registration begins December 1st and closes December 31st. We will share information you via email and this website about our new system, the schedule, and how to register for the lottery.

Why we are making this change

We believe this new system will be less stressful and more accessible than our previous model. 

  • It eliminates the hectic first-come, first-serve system and allows you to register on a schedule that works better for you.
  • It means a simpler time registering multiple children from a single household and a greater ability to attend with a friend.
  • It reduces barriers to registration.

**We have done our best to anticipate the questions and concerns you may have. Check out our FAQs page for more details and insights!**