Wilson Lodge – with new deck!

Westwind is an ideal setting to host your wedding and make it a truly memorable event for all.

With over a mile of oceanfront, 529 acres of protected wilderness, and surrounded by the larger Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve, Westwind allows wedding groups to enjoy a few days of splendor while celebrating with friends and family in a cozy beachside camp that sleeps up to 145.

As noted in Westwind’s Guiding Principles, “Getting to Westwind is an engaging adventure, whether by river or trail.” This simply means that Westwind’s secluded location and limited river access require coordination with tides, Westwind staff, and consideration of things like weather. It’s remoteness (and difficulty to access!) is part of what makes it special – and that seclusion also helps create an atmosphere of being transported to your own private island!

Westwind staff will work with you to help ensure your event goes off smoothly.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Arrival and Departure of guests is typically by river crossing. Crossing times are determined by the tide. You should plan your whole event around these times. We can schedule additional crossings as needed for a fee.
  • Access via Westwind’s Rainforest Trail (and access road – it is gravel and one lane) is extremely limited.  All able-bodied guests must plan to ride the ferry or hike/bike via the Rainforest Trail.
  • Access for service vehicles (flowers, entertainment) is also limited and must be scheduled in advance.
  • Weddings are subject to special pricing because of the additional planning, set-up, and overall attention to detail required by staff.
  • Like all rentals, Weddings require a two-night minimum stay.
  • More information:

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