Outdoor School for All

We need your help to Save Outdoor School for All! The time to rally is NOW.  Time is running out to raise the signatures and funds needed to get a measure on the 2016 ballot to #SaveOutdoorSchool. There are so many ways to get involved, what are you waiting for?

Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/1LgQ79i

Volunteer: http://bit.ly/23pUzO9

Attend Monday Music Series @ Saturday Tavern:  https://t.co/vPqYDZWkus. Listen to #PDX musicians support Outdoor School in this lively venue while you enjoy food, drinks and fabulous music. Yes, your attendance will make a difference!

Donate: http://bit.ly/1RPUifV

You can also post or retweet #SaveOutdoorSchool on your social media! Spread the word. Let’s make sure the next generation of Oregonians have a strong connection to the outdoors.

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