Because of Westwind…

… a mother and her 3 children have a home away from home. 

A 16 year camper, Nancy has attended Mother-Child camp with her three children. Camp is a special experience that allows families to genuinely reconnect with one another. Below is Nancy’s Camp Westwind story:

“It (Westwind) has been the thread that has run through all three of my children’s lives, giving us a home away from home to reconnect anew each year. Camp Westwind has taught me there is always room for one more fabulous mother and child in your heart. My fondest memory at camp is having all 3 of my children joined together at a campfire circle.”

Nancy’s story mirrors many stories: Westwind is an ideal place to nurture relationships with those you love.  Come with your friends or come with your family, we can’t wait to see you at camp!

If you have a great Camp Westwind story, we’d love to hear from you. Share your story or help connect us with other great stories!

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