Fall Family Camp

Fall Family Camp 2021: October 1-3

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Our three day/two night Fall Friends & Family camp is for families, couples, groups of friends, or individuals of any age looking to celebrate fall and spend a festive weekend at Westwind! 

The schedule for all family camps includes programming for everyone! Throughout the day, families can choose to do arts & crafts, canoe & kayak, challenge course, hike,  and various other camp activities. There will also be a Harvest Festival with fall-themed activities. At the Harvest Festival, families can choose to do face painting, pumpkin decorating, a pie walk, and plenty of other games to win candy and other fun fall-themed prizes!

*We are planning to do Fall Family Camp during COVID-19 and have taken many precautions to ensure the utmost safety for our guests, staff, and volunteers. Families are required to social distance and wear masks in common areas (lodge, bathrooms, trails to cabins, activity areas). Meals will be eaten within family groups and the schedule is designed to accommodate family groups so there is no larger grouping at activity areas or during the Harvest Festival.

View Fall Family Camp Handbook and Safety Protocols. 

**Unfortunately due to operating and program restrictions in 2020, we cannot have any Teen Volunteer Babysitters this year. We hope to resume this program in the future.


TBD per cabin

(TBD per day per family)

Food Service

In addition to your nightly rate, meal purchases are required for all cabins. Meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are an additional $5o per person (about $10 per person/per meal). We can accommodate most diets, and you can provide food preferences at the time of booking. Meals are affordably priced and are designed to be shared by your family.

Meals will be available for pick-up at specified meal times in Wilson Lodge. We will provide appropriately spaced seating areas so you can enjoy your meal safely spaced from other families. You are also welcome to take your meals to  your cabin, or picnic in another area in camp.


Families will be given their own separate cabin and will not be asked to share cabins with others. Families are required to social distance and wear masks in common areas (lodge, bathrooms, trails to cabins, activity areas).

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival will take place on Saturday afternoon at Tillicum. This is a fall-themed carnival with a variety of activities and games where families can win prizes, treats, and celebrate fall Westwind style! All activities have been adapted to promote safety and social distancing. Masks will be required for the length of the Harvest Festival.

Apple Bowling
Use an apple as a bowling ball and try to knock over all of the bowling pins!

Pin the Spider on the Spider Web
Once you’re blind-folded and spun around 3 times, do your best to pin the tiny spider as close to the center of the web as possible! Be careful – you’re going to be a little dizzy!

Face Painting
Staff will hand you a sanitized paintbrush and paint and you’re welcome to paint each other’s faces. See how spooky you can

Pumpkin Decorating
Staff will hand you a sanitized paintbrush, paint, and a pumpkin and you can decorate it however you’d like!

Photo Booth
Head over to our festive photo booth and snap a photo or two with your family!

Cake Walk
Jump in any time and walk the numbers to the beat of the song that is playing. When the music stops, a staff member will read a number. If it’s the number you’re standing on, you’ve won a yummy treat!

Monster Dance-off
Find a willing adversary and face them in a slack-jaw monster dance-off! The first person to smile or laugh loses.

Guess the Candy Corn
Submit your guess of how many candy corn are in the jar. The person who guesses the closest to the actual number wins the jar!

Guess the Pumpkin Weight
Submit your guess of how much our pumpkin weighs. The person who guesses the closest to the actual number wins the pumpkin!

Ghost Archery
Try to pin down the Westwind ghost with an arrow! A Westwind staff member will show you how to aim and fire safely.

All Monsters Dance Party
At the end of the Harvest Festival, join us for a spooky outside dance party!

Please call us at 541-994-2383 or email info@westwind.org for questions, concerns, or to request additional information. We hope to see you there!

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