Westwind catering is available for all rental groups, including small gatherings in McIver all the way to full camp rentals for weddings, business retreats, school programs and reunions.

Westwind’s kitchen focuses on fresh, healthy and thoughtfully sourced cuisine. We like to keep things as local as possible (fresh seafood from Barnacle Bill’s in Lincoln City, grains and oats from Bob’s Red Mill, and a few small local produce vendors).

Westwind is sensitive to dietary needs and preferences. The goal of our Catering program is to provide wholesome, nourishing meals for all of our guests. We do this by making as much of our food as possible in house, including alternative meals. Our cooks work hard to ensure your safety when it comes to allergies and your satisfaction when in need of a special diet. Please notify our chef before your stay to set up accommodations and arrangements. The information you provide will be used to create a meal that most satisfies your needs. All menus include a breakfast bar with cereal, yogurt (with toppings), fruit, and toast, a full salad bar at both lunch and dinner with a variety of proteins (both plant and animal based), and a hot beverage station with coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

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