COVID-19 Updates

Westwind staff is following strict cleaning and updated operations protocols based on recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Oregon Health Authority (OHA), American Camp Association (ACA), and additional guidelines made by Lincoln County’s Health Department.  We encourage all families and guests to review the resources available on those sites.

After receiving the official OHA Summer Camp Guidance and worked hard on incorporating them into Westwind’s summer program, we were able to successfully run our 2021 Summer Camp program! We had zero positive COVID cases and tons of fun. We are so proud of our summer staff and all of our families who helped us run a safe and successful program during a difficult year!

To view our current COVID safety protocols for rentals, click HERE.

To review our 2021 Town Hall, please see the video below.

Current guidelines from OHA and Westwind’s response:

(Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change)


OHA: Limit stable groups (cohorts) to 30 or fewer youth (“stable” means the same 30 or fewer youth in the group each day). Although 30 is the limit, programs should use the smallest cohort size(s) feasible. Stable cohort definition: a stable group of students/campers that stays together consistently, with minimal interaction with other groups.

Westwind: Will form stable cohorts of two - three cabin groups (cabins consist of 8-9 campers). Unit activities limited to spacious, outdoor settings.


OHA: Staff members/counselors must wear a mask or face covering in accordance with the Statewide Mask, Face Covering, and Face Shield Guidance.
All program youth are required to wear a mask or face covering when participating in activities indoors. Program youth are required to wear a mask or face covering when outdoors and may come within six (6) feet of distance with someone from outside their household.

Updated Guidance from OHA on Masks (May 18, 2021)

Exceptions: medical conditions, disabilities, swimming, eating, sleeping, showers

Westwind: Will follow OHA guidance. Please do not send a face shield. We will provide extra masks to campers and staff as needed.

We understand that the CDC has updated their recommendations surrounding masks and those who are vaccinated. Since so many of our campers will still be unvaccinated, we will continue to follow OHA's guidance.

OHA: If tents are used, minimize the number of campers in each tent and maximize ventilation through vents or screens. Configure sleeping layouts to provide six (6) feet or more between campers’ heads. Campers must be from the same cohort.

Westwind: Cabins will be properly ventilated (windows and doors open, adequate airflow). Will follow OHA guidelines for ventilation and sleeping arrangements. Please plan to pack extra blankets and layers.

OHA: Provide hand sanitizer, handwashing facilities, tissues and garbage receptacles that are easily accessible to both youth and staff. Require all persons in the program to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Frequently clean high-touch surfaces.

Westwind: Will provide additional handwashing stations around camp and incorporate it regularly into the daily schedules and activities. Westwind will follow all guidelines around cleaning and sanitizing.

OHA: Ensure all youth and staff verify that they are symptom free and have not had any known exposure to individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 during the 14-day period prior to arrival on camp.

Westwind: Will adjust our check-in process to offer additional screening. Will also provide resources to families prior to camp and will do daily wellness check-ins with campers.

We ask families to limit their travel, public gatherings, and isolate as much as possible 1-2 weeks before coming to camp.

At this time, OHA does not give guidance for testing.

Westwind requires all families to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken with 3 days (72 hours) before your camp session. Please expect more information about this soon.

PLEASE NOTE: A negative test does not guarantee that a person is COVID-free. As an added safety measure, we require families to get tested before camp. We will still expect everyone to follow all other safety precautions while they are at Westwind and all other recommendations for preparing your camper to come to camp.

This may be subject to change.

OHA: Restrict campers and staff from leaving and returning to camp to the greatest extent possible. OHA does not have guidelines for vaccinations at this time.

Will follow all guidelines and community recommendations for staff time off.

Westwind expects all staff to be vaccinated by the time camp begins, with limited exceptions for religious and medical reasons.
If your camper is eligible and able to get a vaccine before coming to camp, it is recommended. We understand that accessibility of vaccines for youth will continue to change. We encourage all families to stay up to date with the latest vaccination info and get vaccinated as they become more available.

Current FAQ’s:

Is camp operating at full capacity? What does this mean if I’m on a waitlist?

Camp is going to operate at full capacity. This means that each youth cabin group will have 8 campers. If we are able to move you off of a waitlist, we will contact you.

Are you requiring negative COVID tests for camp?

Yes. We will require all campers to present a negative COVID test taken within 3 days (72 hours) before the camp session, unless they are fully vaccinated. If you do not meet these requirements, we will provide a rapid test at check-in. We will provide additional information on testing requirements and resources for families to locate affordable testing.

How will Westwind mitigate the risks of COVID from other campers and families?

We ask all families to self-isolate for up to 14 days before their camper’s session as much as possible. Every family will be informed about protocol and safety expectations before camp. We may also update health history forms with questions about COVID-19. We will likely do temperature checks for each camper upon arrival. Each day staff will conduct a wellness check with campers and we will also do daily temperature checks for all staff. 

What about transportation? Will Westwind supply a bus this year?

We will supply buses for transport. Our bus details have changed and will now be leaving from the MESD on E Airport Way.

How will my child make friends if everyone is masked and socially distanced? What about bunking with their friends?

They will still be able to bond with their cabin group and other cabins in their units. There will still be activities done in units and bigger groups with the majority done spaced out and outside. Our staff are adept at leading group activities and facilitating meaningful conversations that will inevitably lead to new friendships.

If your child would like to be bunked with friends, please make sure their cabin request is updated in your reservation. We will do everything we can to put friends together. Please keep in mind that the bigger the friend group, the more difficult it is to place everyone together.

How are camp staff protected and expected to minimize risk to campers?

Our staff will be vaccinated and will be expected to follow specific community guidelines and agreements. Their time off will be monitored and clarified. We may do daily temperature checks and may also require testing throughout the summer.

What will happen if camp is cancelled again?

Camp is not slated to cancel – we have officially been approved to open by the OHA. If we were to cancel, we would offer an extension of credits or a refund less the non-refundable deposit to each family and run our Summer Family Cabin Rental program. We do not foresee the need to cancel.

If I cancel my camp reservation can I get my money back?
Yes, you can get a refund less the non-refundable deposit ($75/youth and teen sessions, $100/family camps) when there is either:

  • a doctor’s written statement indicating illness or injury prior to the beginning of the camp session
  • a death certificate of a family member within 10 days of your child’s camp session

What if I want to cancel and don’t meet the above criteria?
You will get a refund, less the non-refundable deposit ($75/youth and teen sessions, $100/family camps), as follows:

  • four weeks prior to camp: full camp fee (minus deposit)
  • three weeks prior to camp: 50% of camp fee (minus deposit)
  • two weeks prior to camp: 25% of camp fee (minus deposit)
  • less than two weeks prior to camp: no refund

If Camp Westwind cancels camp due to COVID-19, we will provide full refunds less the non-refundable deposit.

Will my camper still be able to enjoy all of Westwind’s activities and programs? What about singing?

Yes. There will be a few changes to Westwind’s programs and activities. The biggest change is that they will do more activities in their smaller stable cohorts instead of in bigger groups. Some small aspects of camp may change, as well as some familiar activities, but with additional gear and precautions, we feel confident that we can run the bulk of our programs and activities for the summer.

Singing will still happen, likely in masks and outside.

How will we be informed of any changes that occur before summer?

We will continue to keep this page updated as we learn more. Please check your emails regularly as we continue to send updates.

What happens if someone exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while they are at camp?

We will isolate them for 24 hours and provide a test. If they test negative, they will resume participation in camp. If they test positive, they will be sent home and we will alert families who may have been possibly exposed so that they may take precautions and plan accordingly.

When is the latest we can change our mind about sending our child to camp?

You can review our cancellation policy here.

What will meals look like for campers and staff?

Meals will take place in cabin groups both inside and outside to limit gatherings in the lodge. Meals will be served by staff and confined to cabin groups.


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