COVID-19 Updates

Westwind staff is following strict cleaning and updated operations protocols based on recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Oregon Health Authority (OHA), American Camp Association (ACA), and additional guidelines made by Lincoln County’s Health Department.  We encourage all families and guests to review the resources available on those sites.

Camps in Oregon are actively planning their summer programs and the OHA has just given the green light for overnight camps to open in Oregon for summer 2021! While there are several changes we can anticipate as of now, we are still waiting for official summer guidelines from the OHA. More coming soon!

To view our current COVID safety protocols for spring rentals, click HERE.


Anticipated summer guidelines to be confirmed by the OHA:

(Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change)

-Activities will be done primarily in stable cohorts groups, or cabin groups to minimize extent of potential exposure

-Masks will be required around main camp, within buildings, and when in close contact with those outside of a stable group.

-Social distancing will occur during meals or activities when there are more than one stable group in the area and in larger group activities

-Buildings (Wilson Lodge, McIver Lodge, Cascade Head, etc) will have a limited capacity

-We will continue and increase our daily and regular cleaning and sanitation practices

-Diligent handwashing will be incorporated into the schedule and staff will have hand sanitizer available for all campers at all times of the day. We will also set up additional handwashing stations throughout camp.




*Please note that as we wait for finalized guidelines from the state, these are all subject to change.

How will Westwind mitigate the risks of COVID from other campers and families?

We may ask families to self-isolate before their camper’s session. Every family will be asked to sign a waiver and agreement about protocol and safety expectations before camp. We may also update health history forms with questions about COVID-19. We will likely do temperature checks for each camper upon arrival and throughout the week.

What about transportation? Will Westwind supply a bus this year?

It is still looking like busses are a possibility. We are waiting for additional information before offering transportation or confirming this as an option.

How will my child make friends if everyone is masked and socially distanced?

They will still be able to bond with their cabin group and likely with others in their same unit. Our staff are adept at leading group activities and facilitating meaningful conversations that will inevitably lead to new friendships.

What is a stable group?

A group that spends longer than 15 minutes at a time together, sometimes at less than 6 feet apart.

How are camp staff protected and expected to minimize risk to campers?

Our staff will be vaccinated and will be expected to follow specific community guidelines and agreements. Their time off will be monitored and clarified. We may do daily temperature checks and may also require testing throughout the summer.

Will we be required to find a COVID test before coming to camp?


What will happen if camp is cancelled again?

Camp is not slated to cancel – we have officially been approved to open by the OHA. If we were to cancel, we would offer an extension of credits or a refund to each family and run our Summer Family Cabin Rental program. We do not foresee the need to cancel.

Will my camper still be able to enjoy all of Westwind’s activities and programs?

Yes. There will be a few changes to Westwind’s programs and activities. The biggest change is that they will do more activities in their smaller stable groups instead of in bigger groups. Some small aspects of camp may change, as well as some familiar activities, but with additional gear and precautions, we feel confident that we can run the bulk of our programs and activities for the summer.

How will we be informed of any changes that occur before summer?

We will continue to keep this page updated as we learn more. We are also hosting a town hall for all camp families. We will send out more information closer to the event.

What happens if someone exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while they are at camp?

We will monitor them closely and possibly provide a test. We will isolate them until the results are confirmed. If they test negative, they will resume participation in camp. If they test positive, they will be sent home and we will alert families who may have been possibly exposed so that they may take precautions and plan accordingly.

When is the latest we can change our mind about sending our child to camp?

You can review our cancellation policy here.

What will meals look like for campers and staff?

This is still to be determined. They will likely be done in smaller groups – either in stable groups or in units. We will update with more information once we know more.


Anything we missed? Email is at or give us a call at 541-994-2383.

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