Scotty Evens

Scotty_EvensSite Manager

I am so happy to be here and share this awesome place with you all.

I came to Westwind over 10 years ago believing in the promise of this great land and the opportunity to build, create, and steward this place to be all it can be. It’s been awesome to be able to raise my two girls and share this land with my wife. Having come here from the adventure travel/guiding community and the construction trades, Westwind has allowed me to use my skills in so many ways that not only feeds my need to create and interact with people but still allows me to be surrounded by nature!

My current passions are mushroom and forest ecology, natural resource management and working to protect the Salmon River as one of its stewards. Teachable moments happen all the time here whether it’s working with the natural resource crew, facilitating for the Outdoor School and weekend groups, or doing a “poop” walk/talk with the summer camp kids.

Come PLAY!


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