Kitchen Supervisor/ Chef

Eric has recently moved back from the island of Maui to the Pacific Northwest. His passion for cooking had started a long time ago as a child with his mother cooking great food and being a part-time Baker. Growing up in West Germany for almost 7 years they traveled the country experiencing some amazing food and culture. In the late 80s he started cooking at a place called Margaritaville where everything was made from scratch and that’s where the true love for food really took hold. From that point on he has learned French, Italian, Pacific Rim and American cuisine from different Chefs.

He comes to West Wind with a love for the outdoors and a love for feeding people.

He knows a well fed camper is a happy camper. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest 7 years ago he’s been a professional outdoor guide working for eNRG kayaking as General Manager and Lead Raft Guide and white water kayak instructor. He started kayaking in 1991 and has kayaked throughout the United States, Canada and Peru. Last season he was a zipline guide in the jungle of Haiku Hawaii.

He looks forward to growing with camp West Wind in the future and keeping the campers happy and well-nourished.

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