What to Bring

Suitable camp clothing
Two pairs of shoes suitable for sand and trails
Toiletries & Towels*
Warm jacket/coat
Warm sleeping bag/ bedding & pillow
Rain gear
Reusable water bottle
* NOTE: Westwind is on a septic system. Certain types of personal care products can negatively impact the system. Please encourage your group members to use biodegradable, castile and other environmentally-friendly soaps and shampoos. Please discourage group members from using anti-bacterial soaps (the septic systems relies on healthy bacteria to run properly), body washes and other products high in fats and proteins.


Pack bags so they are easy to carry up steep hills to cabin. Two smaller bags work better than one large heavy bag; wheels don’t work on sand; duffel bags are better than suitcases.
Take steps to protect bags from weather during loading/crossing/unloading.
Food for group should be brought in sturdy boxes (paper bags disintegrate).

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