Family Cabin Rental FAQS

  • Is cell phone coverage available?
    • Yes, but limited to no service in many areas of camp
  • Is there internet access for guests?
    • No
  • How can I tell if the cabin I want is available?
    • Go to “Make a Reservation” and you must click on your preferred dates on the reservation system, create an account, and then click through to show what cabins are available for the dates you selected. Please note that that by making an account you are not required to continue booking if you want to look at other available dates or not continue with the booking. To accommodate these reservations for this new program, we are using our camp reservation system “Ultracamp”, and we apologize for the extra step required at this stage, but please understand we are doing the best we can to provide these reservations accurately and available in real time. 
  • What is the sizeof the cabins.
    • The cabins vary in size but most are around 300 sq ft
  • Are the cabins heated?
    •  All cabins have electric heat except for Vi’s Place. Vi’s Place, The Ridge, and Wyeast have wood stoves.
  • Is there electricity in the cabins?
    • Yes
  • How do we access the camp? Will we cross on the boats?
    • Upon arrival, you will drop off your bags and begin the 2 mile flat hike into camp. Due to current occupancy restrictions using the boats is not possible right now. There are more details about arrival on the website and in the Family Cabin Rental Handbook.
  • What ages are the suggested activities for?
    •  The suggested activities are for children of all ages and there is also much to enjoy for older children, or adults of any age such as the hikes and naturalist information. To make your stay more enjoyable an activity kit is provided in each cabin with supplies for arts and crafts and other ideas like scavenger hunts and animal and plant identification along with other fun activities.  
  • Are dogs allowed?
    • No, unfortunately dogs are not allowed at Westwind at this time. 

Are there other questions you have that aren’t answered here? Please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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