Karen Belsey

Karen Belsey has worked, personally and professionally, in the youth development field for over 30 years with a commitment to ensuring that all young people have access to opportunities that help them discover and fully become who they want to be in the world. For Karen, her first experience of deep self-discovery began at a small New England summer camp where she was a camper and then a counselor for many years.  She took the essential skills she developed as a counselor and translated them into working in an array of different settings – all in service of youth: advancing youth development policy at the City, County and State level, as the Associate Director of a local non-profit, and as the administrator of the Opal School at the Portland Children’s Museum. Today Karen works for the Center for Equity and Inclusion, a spirited organizational development consulting company focused on advancing racial equity and inclusion.

Karen first arrived at Westwind as a member of the Sunnyside Environmental School community that’s annually visited Westwind for years and then as the parent of a camper.  Together with kids and adults Karen discovered the expansiveness and community magic that emerges when people come together in contact with the unparalleled beauty of Westwind.  Always inclined to share, as a member of the Westwind Board, Karen is committed to seeing how a wider array of children and adults can experience all that Westwind has to offer and to supporting Westwind to flourish for years to come.

In her free time Karen is a mentor to numerous college students, a member of the Enso Theater Board of Directors and lover of movement – swimming, hiking, handstands on the beach, or her newest obsession – acroyoga!

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