John Sanchez

My first glimpse of Camp Westwind was from Cascade Head in the early 1980’s while working on the Oregon silverspot butterfly recovery program. I was a Forest Service Fish Biologist on the Waldport Ranger District. Silverspot recovery was poorly funded and fell to the biologist with a personal interest. A small role in the Salmon River estuary restoration effort from 10 years ago brought me close to Westwind. An Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) Regional Review Team site visit was my first Camp Westwind invitation. Our Team gave the Westwind grant application a favorable review.

My wife and I have 4 grown children. They all had Outdoor School experiences while living in Pendleton, Oregon. Carol and I saw the positive effect the program had on all the children of the 6th grade classes. The time was growing experience for all, including the parents that helped with cooking and cleaning.

In the Forest and on the water is where I feel most at home. Hood River is a good fit for me. We recently relocated from Newport. Our children live in big cities, New York and San Francisco, and asked us to move closer to an airport. If they were willing to include Carol and I in their busy lives, we wanted to meet them half way. We do see more of our children since the move to Hood River.

I have been working as a watershed restoration consultant since January 2011, primarily on the Oregon Coast. The last few years, it has been my pleasure to work with your local Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council staff on five projects, two in the Salmon River estuary. This past summer an OWEB contract evaluating property easement compliance had me traveling from Astoria to Port Orford. The plan is to continue consulting as long as I enjoy the grant writing and heavy equipment project inspection.

My US Forest Service fish biologist career ended in 2010 with retirement after 32-years, the last 7 years as Forest Fish Biologist on the Siuslaw National Forest. Lands of the Schooner Creek watershed are included in the Siuslaw National Forest. My role as aquatic restoration program lead included work in every phase of aquatic habitat restoration, always working closely with Forest engineers. I worked as a Regional specialist for Fish Passage at Road Crossings for project design review and monitoring.

I am an American Fisheries Society Certified Fisheries Professional Emeritus. I graduated from Humboldt State University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fisheries Biology and Wildlife Management.




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