COVID-19 Safety Information

Westwind staff is following strict cleaning and updated operations protocols based on recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Oregon Health Authority (OHA), American Camp Association (ACA), and additional guidelines made by Lincoln County’s Health Department.  We encourage all guests to review the resources available on those sites and if you have additional questions about our health and safety protocols, feel free to get in touch.

In addition, we believe we are going “above and beyond” to ensure maximum protection of our guests. This includes:

    • Assigned staff will address the following areas following a strict cleaning schedule:  
      1. Family Cabins: After use by one family group.
      2. Cascade Head and Outhouses: Multiple times/day following heavy use periods, (after meals and after evening use). Water faucet outside Cascade Head must be sanitized as well. (For group programs)
      3. Shared spaces after use by any family group. 
      4. Dining hall, coffee bar, dining hall sinks, picnic tables after each meal.
    • Guests will be instructed and required to:
      1. Clean their cabin or lodging area with detergent and Q10 prior to leaving. This would include all handles and horizontal surfaces except the floor which should be swept. Mattresses and bunks should be disinfected.
      2. Open their cabin windows upon departure to insure proper ventilation.
      3. Sanitize the toilet, stall, and sink area after each use of Cascade Head or outhouses. Labeled sprayer bottles of Q10 solution will be available for adult guests to apply after each use of the restroom facility. This also allows for guests to sanitize before use, if they choose to.
    • The site staff or other assigned staff will sanitize the cabin or lodging area 24 hours after the guests have departed.
    • Guests should bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and any other linens they require.
    • Kitchen staff must wear masks and gloves at all times while preparing food. 
      • Handwashing and new gloves put on between different tasks.
      • Staff will have separate workstations and maintain social distancing.
      • Daily employee wellness and temperature checks.
      • Kitchen doors remain closed to minimize contact between kitchen staff and guests.
      • Stringent disinfection procedures in the kitchen at the start of the day, after each meal, and at closing, using EPA approved chemicals. High touch surfaces such as light switches, walk-in, freezer, reach-in handles, and bathroom fixtures will be disinfected multiple times per day

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