Teen Lead 2 Application

The application is available online through your camp account. Applications will be posted on December 1st and due on December 15.  Interviews will be scheduled for early to mid January. Applicants will be notified by February 1 on admittance into the Teen Leadership 2 program. To access the application, sign into your camp account. Use the tab named ‘Additional Options’ to select ‘Document Center’ from the drop down menu. The application will be located in the left hand column of the following page.

This is YOUR application. It should have YOUR contact information on it including your personal email and cell phone number. It is not your parent’s responsibility to get it to me or to follow up if it has been received. You will be contacted in late December or early January to set up an interview time. Only 12 participants will be accepted into the program.

It is our goal to have an educational and fun program. Applicants should realize that the program requires more work, responsibility and occasional sacrifice than you may have experienced as teen campers. The application process is an opportunity for both you and the Camp Westwind staff to decide if Teen Leadership 2 is right for you this year.

In order for this application to be considered complete you must have two references. References should NOT be friends or family members or previous Camp Westwind staff. An appropriate reference would be; teachers, coach, religious leader/youth director, supervisor for work or volunteer, club advisor. 

Upon acceptance into the program you will be able to register online. You will be given a password to register for the program and will need to pay a deposit at the time of registering.  If you have further questions, please email: janette@westwind.org 

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