2020 Mushroom Camp

November 6-8, 2020




Cost: $375 per person and includes food lodging, and instruction.


Westwind is located within Oregon’s coastal rain forest, and it is always mushroom season!

Fall at Westwind brings a fantastic flush of edibles, including matsutake, chanterelles, porcinis, chicken of the woods, oysters and lobsters (the mushroom variety!).

Upon foraging at Westwind for a day and finding over 125 species, David Arora called Westwind a “Mushroom Safari.”

Join mycologists, cooks, and aficionados for a weekend of foraging, identification, discussions, and cooking with mushrooms. All levels of experience (or inexperience) welcome.


  • Field study and collection of notable mushroom species
  • Instruction on proper identification
  • Discussion of wild collection/crafting with mushrooms
  • Cooking and processing of mushrooms; wine pairing
  • Talks on mushroom history, other fungus topics, and conservation

Other activities while at Westwind:

  • Kayaking & canoeing in Salmon River estuary
  • Hiking
  • Tide pooling

Mushroom Camp starts Friday afternoon (after crossing the Salmon River on Westwind ferries) and ends Sunday afternoon.




Email info@westwind.org with questions.

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