2018 Mushroom Camp

November 2-4, 2018

$300, includes instruction, lodging, and food

  • Instructors – Past instructors have included Dr. Michael Bueg, Debbie Viess, and Dane Osis
  • Lodging is in Westwind’s rustic cabins, all of which are equipped with heaters, outlets and lights.
  • Food seasonal menu, including locally caught fish, foraged mushrooms, fall vegetables, and other scratch-cooked meals.

Freshly picked Matsutake mushrooms at Westwind

Freshly picked Matsutake mushrooms at Westwind

Westwind is located within Oregon’s coastal rain forest, and it is always mushroom season!

Fall at Westwind brings a fantastic flush of edibles, including matsutake, chanterelles, porcinis, chicken of the woods, oysters and lobsters (the mushroom variety!).

Upon foraging at Westwind for a day and finding over 125 species, David Arora called Westwind a “Mushroom Safari.”

The 2016 Mushroom Camp (Westwind’s first!) found a comparable array of species. Only weeks before the camp was the largest Slippery Jack flush in recent years.

Join mycologists, cooks, and aficionados for a weekend of foraging, identification, discussions, and cooking with mushrooms. All levels of experience (or inexperience) welcome.


  • Field study and collection of notable mushroom species
  • Instruction on proper identification
  • Discussion of wild collection/crafting with mushrooms
  • Cooking and processing of mushrooms; wine pairing
  • Talks on mushroom history, other fungus topics, and conservation

Other activities while at Westwind:

  • Clamming and crabbing (with a license, we have the gear)
  • Kayaking & canoeing in Salmon River estuary
  • Hiking
  • Tide pooling

Mushroom Camp starts Friday afternoon (after crossing the Salmon River on Westwind ferries) and ends Sunday afternoon.

Email info@westwind.org with questions.

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