Tsunami Preparedness

Tsunamis are waves generated by seismic activity.  The waves may be induced by an earthquake of local origin, or they may arrive from a considerable distance, as far as Alaska or Japan.  No one can help being shaken by the images of destruction we have seen from tsunamis in Japan and the Indian Ocean in recent years.

Tsunamis are a potential danger for communities along the entire US West Coast, including Westwind.  Westwind has taken numerous steps to prepare for a Tsunami, including:

  • Placing tsunami evacuation maps in all buildings;
  • Marking evacuation routes up to the Old Baldy gathering point;
  • Installing a tsunami warning siren linked to the National Tsunami Warning Network;
  • Registering to receive email alerts from the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center;
  • Staying in close contact with local emergency authorities by phone and radio;
  • Establishing a cache of emergency supplies to sustain a camp full of guests for several days in the wake of a tsunami or similar natural disaster.

 Learn more about Westwind and tsunami response.

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