Tips for a Successful Crossing

The Salmon River crossing is a 4-minute ride and one of the special moments of your visit to Westwind. The crossings can be labor intensive and chaotic for a large group—plan on an hour for groups of 60 or more to cross the river, walk to the lodge and retrieve gear. The WSG site staff transport all luggage and supplies, with the help of your guest-volunteer crew of 6-10 people for loading and unloading luggage and supplies. Special arrangements can be made for people needing physical assistance.

  • Inform group of crossing procedures and packing suggestions prior to arrival at Westwind.
  • Inform group that they must be at Knight Park at the departure time. Crossing times are limited by tides, so it is imperative everyone arrive on time.
  • Group leader should arrive before or at the same time as the participants to organize the group for the crossing.
  • Assign a luggage/supply crew. WSG site staff transport only, they do not lift or carry.
  • Unload luggage and supplies behind the curb next to the dock on the south side of boat landing. If supplies and luggage are arriving by bus, have the bus wait in a boat parking space until instructed.
  • Keep the boat landing clear for public users — the boat ramp is a county boat ramp and can be very congested at times.

Knight Park has well defined parking spots, however at times there are not enough of them. Please advise your group to take the following steps:

  • Encourage group members to carpool or consider renting a bus.
  • Unload gear at boat dock quickly and park vehicles to clear room for others.
    Park cars in the single car parking at the north end of the park. If all spots are full, cars must park on the shoulder of Three Rocks Road.
  • Please do not park in the boat/trailer parking that is perpendicular to the river. Please do not park along the curb within the park. If you park illegally you can be towed.

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